Sunday, 1 July 2012

free eXchange cafe - pilgrimage - 1 July 2012

Today we celebrated the launch of the Bishop's Olympic - Seeking Gold - Dorset Pilgrimage Trail. Bishop of Sherborne, Graham Kings, was joined by triathelete, Revd James Stephenson, to dedicate the route which begins at the shrine of St Candida/ St Wite /St Gwenn- an ancient place of pilgrimage known as a centre of healing and prayer for more than 1000 years.

A happy coincidence too that the launch occurred on the same day as the free eXchange cafe which is held in St Candida and Holy Cross on the first Sunday each month from May-November.

The cafe is a local community event - we meet each month to connect with neighbours and share in the free exchange of ideas - and at the same we share and swap surplus plants and produce - all with good coffee or tea and pastries!

The 'Seeking Gold' pilgrimage route links up ten Dorset churches - each with interesting historic references - encouraging Olympic visitors to collect a pilgrim badge from each church.