Saturday, 30 July 2011

free eXchange cafe - 10 July 2011

How wonderful it was to see more than 60 people comfortably talking over coffee and croissants at the free eXchange café on Sunday, 11 July. We had people from all around the Vale stopping by to join in, including two riders on horseback - Shelley and Wendy from the Three Counties Bridlepath Group. With so many ancient pilgrim routes leading to Whitchurch, the church is perfectly located to include in a ride, walk or cycle trip - particularly on a café Sunday when coffee and croissants await!

We hope YOU will join in next time. Even if you can't make it, feel free to stop by the church anytime and check out the latest postings on the eXchange board - it's filling up with goods for freecycling and skills and services ready for eXchange. Special thanks to all our café helpers: Clare and Rachel Colby, Yvonne Welch, Nick Ziebland, Briony Blair and Sam Milburn, Michael West and Jane Skinner for creating the mask-making table around the theme of 'Surprise'. Thanks also to Barry Welch for taking photos (you can see them on our website), and to Ken Tubb for making terrific signs! Special mention to Sue Herman for picking up the pastries at Felicity's Farm Shop and to Martin Legg for delivering more invitations with the newspapers. For more info please contact the café organisers: Richard Colby, Stephen Skinner, Betsy West or email

The next free eXchange cafés are scheduled for the following Sundays:
7 August
4 September
2 October
10:30am - Noon

St Candida and Holy Cross Church
Whitchurch Canonicorum
Near Bridport